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Retirement Plan Services

As a fiduciary, you are liable for your company’s retirement plan. Through Taylor Oswald Financial’s OsPRO fiduciary program, we can help you as you seek to enhance your plan’s investment opportunities while mitigating your liability and helping your participants feel confident about their future.

Plan Sponsor Services: Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary

The team at Taylor Oswald will work closely with you and your organization to understand and support the unique needs of your retirement plan.

Fiduciary Services

Through our OsPRO fiduciary program, Taylor Oswald will provide support to your plan to help you mitigate the risks associated with plan management through independent guidance and monitoring. These services are provided under an advisory relationship.

  • Assist with Preparation and Monitoring of Investment Policy Statement.
  • Investment Recommendations.
  • Investment Performance Monitoring.
  • Recommendation of Qualified Default Investment Alternative.
  • Additional Services. Oswald will provide further services upon request.

Non-Fiduciary Services

At Taylor Oswald, our vision is to create a premier firm that will understand and support your needs as a Plan Sponsor. These services are provided under a broker relationship.

  • Plan Design Assistance.
  • Plan Due Diligence and Benchmarking.
  • Assistance with Changes in Plan Parameters/Features.
  • Deliver Investment Performance Reports.
  • Administrative Assistance with Changes in Investment Options.
  • Fee Transparency Reporting and Benchmarking.
  • Service Provider Liaison.
  • Education Services to Plan Committee.
  • Employee Education and Communication.
  • Plan Search Support/Vendor Analysis.
  • Plan Transition, Merger, Integration and Termination Support.
  • Additional Services. Oswald will provide further services upon request.

Employee Education and Communication Services

While Taylor Oswald is focused on your corporate retirement plan, your participant’s needs are also very important. As part of the Taylor Oswald team, we have two independent participant education specialists available to your participants at no additional charge. These specialists are able to go above and beyond the services we can provide as your plan advisor. They will provide financial guidance and education to help your participants pursue a retirement ready future.

A clear and concise education communication plan is also an integral part to what we do. Your client manager will work closely with you to develop the service expectations and design a written calendar of scheduled events.

Vendor Benchmarking

Being completely independent, Taylor Oswald is able to provide a comprehensive and unbiased review of all vendors. As part of our process, we look at not only cost, but also, administration and recordkeeping, technology services, investment management and options, employee communications, and compliance and legal documentation services.

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