Government and Municipalities


Your constituents count on your strategic decision making to secure a strong future.

So do ours. Every move can make a difference.

  • Beyond our general property and liability insurance coverages, what can we be doing to proactively manage and mitigate our risks, and likewise reduce our costs?
  • What are emerging opportunities to bridge public, private and non-profit entities to accomplish monumental goals?
  • How can we continue to attract and retain the level of talent needed to deliver the services of today and tomorrow?
  • What are the supplier diversity requirements for my specific sector or project, and how can I take a step further to ensure success and long-term partnerships?

Taylor Oswald’s experience in the public sector has given our team a comprehensive view of the existing and emerging risks municipalities face, at all levels: from projects, to personnel and the population at-large. Advising on general risk and insurance areas, including Property & Casualty, Employee Benefits and Health Management, to emerging services in cyber liability, the Affordable Care Act, and other compliance matters, our team is your partner in the capacity needed to find current solutions or plan for new opportunities on the horizon.

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