Minority-Owned Business


The opportunities in front of you are limitless. Don’t let risk limit your potential.

  • What risks for my business have I overlooked, or don’t even know exist, at this stage? What are the gaps in my insurance coverages?
  • What programs and resources are out there to assist me in my business goals and production needs?
  • How will we recruit and retain talent in ever-evolving employee benefits environment?
  • How can we continue to partner with companies that are like-minded, but also offer a unique and diverse perspective?
  • What organizations, in my community and others, are out there to continue to pay it forward?

Many corporations have diversity and inclusion initiatives, but your business is setting the new standard for generations to come. We understand the complexity of challenges and risk you face with each new milestone.

Our unique position in the market allows us to call on comprehensive risk management and insurance solutions tailored specific to your needs. Our integral involvement in civic and community initiatives help us guide you down the right paths and connect you with the right resources and individuals along the way.

In addition, as part of Oswald Companies, Taylor Oswald is employee-owned, meaning every team member has a vested in your success. Connect with our team today.