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Community and Diversity Matters

Diversity is our Strength.

Let’s make it yours, together.

Diversity and inclusion are more than words or mission statements. To be successful, your organization must live these values for employees, suppliers, customers and across communities. For Taylor Oswald, in partnership with Oswald Companies, inclusion and diversity are simply the way we do business inside and outside of our company.

Our partnership with Oswald, which exists to strengthen organizations through a global view of strategic risk management, allows us to take this commitment one step further, working together as a team utilizing our combined depth of resources, while providing superior service to clients with diverse business needs, including supplier diversity strategies, and more.

But it’s more than holding these values; it’s about building them into the DNA of every personal interaction and business transaction.

-It’s ensuring that every individual has a seat at the table and the opportunity to voice their ideas and spark the innovations that drive our business forward.

-It’s creating and supporting a work environment where people of all backgrounds and beliefs work together to elevate the success of our clients.

-It’s advancing these initiatives beyond our office walls and into the worlds of our clients, communities and insurance industry at-large.

-It’s building and sustaining a diverse workforce who is able to connect in meaningful ways with our valued carrier partners, clients, and other various stakeholders.

-It’s celebrating our differences and discovering our common ground, together.

Community Diversity Matters

We take pride in engaging our employees by celebrating their uniqueness. We identify and grow our vendor relationships to embrace minority suppliers in our expanded networks. Equally important is the work we do in our communities to contribute time, leadership and make positive economic impacts in the geographies where we live, work and play.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with our employees, suppliers, customers and communities to demonstrate how and why inclusion is our way of life.

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