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Don’t Wait for the Hurricane to Make Landfall Before You Batten Down the Hatches

January 26, 2023
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The best time to prepare for a crisis is when there’s nothing on the horizon, but something will eventually happen. You can minimize the impact by planning ahead. This, in a nutshell, is the goal of personal risk management.

Our five tenets of personal risk management are: protect you, your family, your business, your assets, and your personal well-being from the unknowns in life. And there were plenty of impactful unknowns last year.

These are just a few of the events from 2022 that a thoughtful personal risk management review could have protected against.

  • Three major hurricane landfalls
  • Higher costs to replace real property and increased risk of being underinsured
  • 22 billion records exposed in data breaches
  • Catastrophic flooding events in low-risk flood zones

And if your family grew this year (there were more weddings than any year since 1984), you now have more to protect.

As we move deeper into 2023, taking a closer look at your personal or family risk management should be on your agenda.

“The start of the new year can be a great time to review your personal insurance program,” explains Katie Burger, client experience leader and associate client executive. “An insurance review allows you to take a fresh look at your insurance coverages. A review of your personal risk management allows you to assess your liability limits and ensure you are properly insured for your belongings (homes, cars, jewelry, collectibles, fine wines, etc.) while identifying current trends and the value-add you are receiving from your current insurance broker.”

Your current broker might tell you it’s time for your annual review. But with Taylor Oswald, you’ll find the ideal partner who is motivated by helping with a respect for your very personal and individual situation throughout the year.

Confidentiality and effective communications make the difference. We do not outsource our customer service. You get personal attention. And, in our partnership with Oswald Companies, it is a seamless source for personal liability as well as personal property, casualty and life insurance.

Our professional approach delivers results, finds innovative solutions and develops efficient risk mitigating strategies. We design optimal coverage to balance your risk and the cost of such coverage.

Our clients are individuals and families with unique personal risk management needs. We help families protect what they have, while maintaining their privacy. If concerns arise, rest assured the proper guidance and coverage are in place.

In 2023, assess your risk with a complimentary review with Taylor Oswald.

To learn more, contact:

Austin Bennett
Property & Casualty Risk Advisor


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