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Eddie Taylor Featured on News 5 Cleveland’s Future of Cleveland: The Workforce

November 6, 2019
Eddie Taylor News 5 Cleveland

Watch as Eddie Taylor, President of Taylor Oswald, speaks on the challenges of attracting diverse talent in the Greater Cleveland area.

“Folks aren’t able to find, hire, attract, the kind of talent that’s needed for the jobs and the availabilities that they have within their workforce,” said  Eddie Taylor.

The video published by News 5 Cleveland explains how “Cleveland companies struggle to find talent that reflects the communities.”

“Increasing diversity is a focus for Cleveland companies but Taylor says making a workforce more diverse needs to be intentional and big.”

“Bold, forward-looking, demanding and in some ways adventurous behavior has to also kick in,” said Taylor. “But an emphasis on bold.”

Eddie says if a company’s executives take the lead they can change the culture throughout their organizations. He says doing right by the community and turning a profit aren’t mutually exclusive and businesses can grow when a company engages everyone.

View full video feature via News 5 Cleveland.

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