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Embracing Equity: Women’s Leadership Council 2023 Recap

taylor oswald August 24, 2023

Oswald Companies recently hosted their “Embracing Equity” Women’s Leadership Council event, featuring incredible panelists sharing their insights on diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Moderated by Roxanne Kaufman, a certified leadership master, coach, speaker and author, panelists were encouraged to share their concerns, observations and solutions in order to create a more inclusive professional environment in companies all around the Cleveland area. Panelists included Patrice Blakemore, senior vice president for DEI at the Greater Cleveland Partnership; Kevin Clayton, senior vice president and head of social impact and equity at Rock Entertainment Group; Jessica Jung, president of Oswald Companies; and Jessica Lindsey, president of Channel Products.

While the event covered only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the work needed for true diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, valuable clarity was provided through our panelists’ wisdom and experience within their own industries.

Oftentimes, it’s not the employees of an organization but the processes that can inadvertently cause division and inequality in a company. It requires humility and pause to reconsider the organization and mechanisms in place to improve these elements from within.

As a minority-owned business, Taylor Oswald focuses on the following tenets to ensure that our employees, partners and customers know our stance and degree of safety as we work together:

  • Making space for constructive criticism
  • Being actively self-aware of words and actions
  • Never shying away from asking questions and breaching sensitive topics with kindness
  • Being the champion in the room when it comes to inclusivity

Essential and interwoven into our mission and values, Oswald and Taylor Oswald continue to lead in the DEI space and encourage others to do the same within their own businesses. Hosting and supporting events such as these allows us to listen to our community, influence leaders and, in turn, shape the future of Northeast Ohio.

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