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Ten Motivational Perspectives on the Anniversary of Taylor Oswald

Taylor Oswald July 8, 2021
Taylor Oswald Lobby

Taylor Oswald celebrates its ten-year anniversary this year, and the team could not be prouder. Yet, everyone was surprised at how quickly the milestone seemed to be upon us.

“We didn’t even realize it,” said Yvette Alvarez, director of operations. “We were so concentrated with clients and our people; the years just flew.”

In fact, when explaining how Taylor Oswald progressed these past ten years, president and CEO Eddie Taylor had many reflections.

Top Ten Leanings from Eddie Taylor in the Building of Taylor Oswald

1. “It doesn’t happen overnight.”

In 2011, nearing its 120th anniversary, Oswald Companies, one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokerage and risk management firms, led with their core values of passion for excellence, integrity, resourcefulness, and commitment to community. Yet the executive leaders were aware that they had not done enough to fulfill a core part of their belief system – an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. Over many months a plan was established.

2. “A partnership is hearing, understanding, and being willing to trust.”

Entrepreneurs see a confluence around opportunity and industry need. The two sides, Taylor and Oswald, found mutual understanding and distinguishable assets in their meeting of the minds. Oswald had a desire, and Taylor had leadership and willingness. Both knew growth, client satisfaction and being responsible in inclusion meant business partnership. The parts fit together neatly – resulting in a company with a highly customized ability to work big and small for client satisfaction and results. View our “Partners in Protection” video here.

3. “Walk the talk.”

The creation of Taylor Oswald set an example of a high-performing, minority-owned company, proud of its structure, yet not reliant on that fact. The organization modeled that businesses need to be responsible for inclusion. Walking the talk means making actionable change, and modeling company values. Whether a global company with a mission of supplier diversity, or the growing group of women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses looking for like-constructed companies, Taylor believes companies should be able to proudly proclaim diversification. Doing business with Taylor Oswald allows organizations to work in ways they knew were possible but had not fully taken advantage of until this point, and not in any way which lowers or decreases their expectations.

4. “The success lies ultimately in relationships built inside and outside — there is no other substitute.”

Taylor knew that success does not happen without mutual connection and trust along the way. We honor commitments. His goal is to manage, grow and respect relationships better than anyone else.

“Across the board, no matter how long someone has been in business or how sophisticated an organization may be, our product is intellect and trust,” he continued, “We make certain we provide the very best in understanding, detail and protection for our clients. “

5. “Be extraordinary in a few key areas.”

In order to honor those commitments, the focus is narrow and deep. Taylor reminds,

“Every client will get the very best of us. There are areas of expertise we tend to do exceptionally well in, including the municipality, government, and non-profit spaces.”

He attributes that performance to the deep understanding and experience. Also, in education, the Taylor Oswald team consists of individuals who worked a long time in board representation in higher education or have worked in education and have an insiders view.

6. “Work somewhere that aligns with your core.”

“Every staff person should internalize the mission,” says Taylor. “It aligns with their core and they make service a priority. I’m proud of the people with us on the journey. We want our team to continuously improve at their craft – learn, grow and communicate their understanding – and also have a healthy work life balance, be genuine, hardworking, and pleasant.”

“We have been consistent about seeking those qualities in our talent,” adds Alvarez. “Our team knows their community service is something they can be proud of.”

7. “Do the right thing for your community and your business. Do both. Have a sense of service.”

Therefore, as a matter of course and routine, the Taylor Oswald staff has a sense of service and caring in the community. They help restore neighborhoods through beautification, loading boxes at food pantries and distribution centers, counseling children, mentoring, always seeing the way to be of service in times of need. Service is performed individually and together, with no limits on Taylor Oswald’s future considerations.

Taylor Oswald Employee-owners volunteering at the Cleveland Food Bank

8. “As much as anything else, encourage laughter.”

“Joy permeates our time at work,” continues Taylor, “We encourage people to have fun. Of course, we need to have our heads down immersed in the work, but the moments that stand out are when we are laughing together.”

9. “Inspiration comes from the people you work with.”

“There will always be approaches to management, sales and innovation,” Taylor says. “Creativity is part of it. But my inspiration generally comes from the people who are performing on behalf of our company. If I’m listening to them and our interactions are frequent, if I am asking the right questions and allowing others to be apart of the decision-making, that input completes the learning. Combine that with listening to our clients, or those who decided not to do business with us, that’s where the treasure of information lies.”

10. “People want peace of mind and problem-solving is important.”

The result is this ten-year old and thriving organization, Taylor Oswald. As we expand into new markets, grow our workforce and avert risk for our client’s daily, the core values remain the key to success.

“Our people are what make this great,” echoed Eddie Taylor, owner and president. “I believe what we do better than anyone else, is put people first. That means personally and professionally we are looking out for your best interests. Whether creating a better community, professional development, providing proactive solutions, or avoiding risks for our clients.”

“Insurance is solving a business need,” concludes Taylor. “Recognize you’re solving a problem for your clients. Most people running businesses want peace of mind. This extends beyond the risk management, but building a smarter, stronger, more inclusive place that betters the whole.”

Group of people talking

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