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Why Should a Business Consider Active Assailant Coverage?

August 15, 2022
Do not enter. Yellow caution tape on the metal fence at daytime.

In the current world, a new reality is the rising number of mass shootings that occur throughout the United States every day. In fact, mass shootings have increased 52.5 percent in 2021 compared to 2020.

It’s impossible to predict random acts of violence and where they can occur, but part of the responsibility of owning a business where people congregate in any way – schools, churches, sports arenas, offices, etc. – is being prepared and covered from potential risk to your business and the people around it.

Taylor Oswald’s active assailant coverage will cover any active assailant event that involves any weapon and includes coverage for those injured up to 1,000 feet away. Unlike other policies of this kind, no motive is required for coverage to begin with an enhanced policy.

This enhanced policy covers both property damage and business interruption, including denial of access to the location and subsequent event cancellations. The policy also offers ancillary support, with coverage of medical costs and death benefits for up to 24 months, including victim rehabilitation and repatriation, if necessary, of those deceased.

“A retail store in Cincinnati recently benefited from proactive active assailant coverage,” says Chris Owens, risk advisor for Taylor Oswald. “At a neighboring hotel, there was a shooting where a few people were shot and injured. This interrupted business not only at the hotel, but also at the retail store. People are hesitant to shop in this area due to the stigma.”

“Even though the act of violence didn’t occur at the business itself, the retail store is covered under Taylor Oswald’s active assailant coverage because the shooting happened within 1,000 feet of the store,” continued Owens. “The business is now able to recoup any losses for business interruption, employee retention and recruitment efforts, and more.”

It’s common for a business to not think about an active assailant event affecting their business. Taylor Oswald takes pride in superior customer service to ensure businesses are fully covered – even from the unthinkable.

“As your broker, there are many different types of programs that we have access to that others may not, such as active assailant coverage,” concluded Owens.

At Taylor Oswald, each business is fully evaluated and analyzed. Then, using expertise from subject matter experts, a recommendation is made based on the findings and business needs. The analysis is provided, backed by information for business owners to make the most informed decision with a comprehensive view.

To learn more about active assailant coverage, contact:

Christopher Owens
Property & Casualty Risk Advisor


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