Personal Client Management

Personal Client Management

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Taylor Oswald’s Personal Insurance specialists offer tailored solutions for clients with complex personal risk management needs. Our belief in proactive consulting means we are dedicated to providing solutions to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Most importantly, clients are managed by Taylor Oswald’s dedicated, in-house team of advisers. Rather than being serviced by a remote call center, our claims advocacy team will handle any issues that come up in the process.

Taylor Oswald will evaluate your potential risk and exposure and advise coverages for:

  • Home – residence, condos and secondary properties
  • Valuables – fine art, jewelry, wine, etc.
  • Vehicles – cars, boats, motorcycles, aircraft
  • Cyber Security
  • Lifestyle protection

Depth in resources, personalized attention and proactive planning from seasoned advisers are all what makes Taylor Oswald your preferred partner for risk management and long-term protection. Your personal property and liability insurance needs bring a unique set of circumstances that Taylor Oswald will work to understand and craft policies and coverage that protects individuals and families.

Annual Risk Assessments

Once you have coverage in place through Taylor Oswald, that is just the beginning. We are continually working to assess that you have proper, up to date coverage. We will conduct annual reviews of coverage and weight them against additional needs and industry trends that may otherwise leave you exposed.

Family Office Specialists

Taylor Oswald’s Family Office Specialists are dedicated to managing and protecting your wealth. Both High net worth (HNW) and successful family needs are more complex and require more personalized attention. A family office can help you maintain control of your assets and privacy.

Group Personal Excess Liability Programs

When higher limits of coverage are a necessity, we have alternative products at our disposal that base pricing on a holistic review of exposures. This, in turn, provides higher limits for lower premiums.

Our clients are individuals and families with unique personal risk management needs. Learn more below.

Key Service Offerings

  • Personal Insurance Client Management
  • Annual Risk Assessments
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Family Office Specialists
  • Group Personal Excess Liability Programs